Thursday, 26 January 2017

Im Back.

Hi there
I didn't realise that I hadn't posted since November, doesn't time fly. Anyway had a good Christmas, didn't do a lot as OH was ill. So onwards towards summer which can`t come fast enough because as I type this my fingers are like blocks of ice. Anyway I have shut my Etsy shop but the jewellery is still for sale, just click on the tab above and if you are interested in buying any item just email for the price. I haven`t had chance to add the prices yet.
I have added a few cards I have made, my granddaughter was 8 a couple of weeks ago and I made a lightup card for her which she loved. 
I will be adding more of the jewellery I have made when I have photographed them. Usual excuse not enough hours in the day or not enough days off work to catch up with my crafting. Think I need to retire lol.
Anyway till the next time.