Monday, 7 November 2011

Busy Busy Sunday

Well not stopped today. Went shopping and bought a laser printer so when I got home I had to re-arrange everything to get it next to computer. Then I decided to arrange the furniture in the lounge as we are having our flat refurbished starting next week, new kitchen, new bathroom, new windows, new water tank, new heaters and Im back on night shift so its going to be a very dusty and tiring upheaval, not looking forward to the refurb but looking forward to when its finished, then I can get OH to re-decorate and get a new suite, new carpet, all new stuff in the kitchen, new curtains, new stuff for bathroom and guess what PIGS CAN FLY. So there wont be much cardmaking in the next few weeks.
Tried the foiling with laser printer and iron, 1st attempt was rubbish, 2nd attempt excellent but I think I will dig out my laminator see how I get on with that.  Had a play with the Cameo, its great to do a single clear cut instead of double cut that didnt cut right through.
Anyway going to bed now.
Oh yeh a thank you to my 4 subscribers for subscribing to my blog.

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