Saturday, 5 November 2011


Me and my OH decided to make it a sleepover with a night in the Travelodge. Well I followed the directions we had and got to Birmingham Airport ok but could we find the hotel could we heck. So after 45 mins of asking people and following loads of different directions and going round roundabouts 3 or 4 times we found it. This Travelodge is brand spanking new, only opened in August and it was great, still smelled new. We had dinner in the Bar/Cafe, we both had Lamb Shank and it was cooked to perfection, he had pea and ham soup and I had olives, humous and toasted pitta bread, lovely. The bed was new and I actually slept which is unusual for me in a strange bed. OH spent quite some time at the window watching planes taking off and landing. In the morning we went down for breakfast and that was brilliant as well. It was buffet style, cooked breakfast as much as you want, choice of cereal, fruit, rolls etc.
We checked out and made our way to NEC with no wrong turns, straight into car park.
We queued for about 40 mins then they let us in. First 20 mins was great no pushing and shoving then it slowly filled up. OH had to use my bags as body armour. Straight to the Graphtec stand and 5 mins later Cameo paid for and in the bag ready to go home. Bought loads of crafty goodys, best buy had to be Cameo cos thats what I went for, but other best buys were pack of WOW Embossing powders for a fiver and a bottle of Ultimate Fine Line Glue kit. Spent loads but could have spent more if I had the money. Mustnt forget, I had my photo taken with Crafty Bob. We did the Crafts at Christmas as well and bought a few bottles of wine and some leather polish. Bit disappointed with that side of the show this year, thought last year was better. Anyway as we started our way out and the OH arms down to his ankles it had started to rain so we had to hang about for about half hour. We got onto M6 and it just poured all the way to Manchester. 2 hour journey took 3 hours 20 mins. So Cameo didnt poke its toes out till this morning.  OMG it is brilliant, I thought the Craftrobo was great, I have the cc330-20 with the optic eye but the Cameo is even better, it sliced through 400gsm mirri card like slicing through butter. I have only done 1 cut at the moment. Had to go to football match this afternoon with OH, so tomorrow after shopping and washing I will be busy busy.
So if anyone out there is umming and aahing about buying the Cameo just do it cos its brill.


L00py's Craft Creations said...

now see I only bought the cameo blade for the same model as yours, you do know its a limited edition dont you. Have yet to try the new blade, but even Haley reckons it will cut deeper, being a longer blade, not sure about the pressure yet, but plan on giving it a run tomorrow, glad you had a lovely time, and that M6 is a killer isnt it!!

jeanette said...

Yeh I read about that a couple of months ago about it been a limited edition. Do you no what the difference is cos I dont.