Saturday, 3 November 2012

More Cards Added Today

Added these cards today as yesterday when I was uploading from my camera the battery expired so I had to wait for it to recharge. So mostly Christmas and a few birthday etc. Please have a good look and leave a comment and please click on follow my blog.
Thanks. Hope you all have a good Bonfire Night.






l00pyscraftcreations said...

love them all I missed out on the kit you used, lol, but they are fasb hunni, xx quick note maybe you should turn off your word verification thing as it makes commentinmg hard, moderation is on so you can filter them, xx

jeanette said...

Thanks for comment loopyscraftcreations. have turned it off. xx

Alice Morland said...

What a lot of lovely cards you have made. I love all the wee owls. Glad you have turned off word verification.

Patricia said...

Well everyone of those cards are different and I like them all. You have been very busy.
Happy Crafting