Friday, 1 February 2013

Belated Happy New Year.

A belated Happy New Year, sorry its a month late but been busy making a few cards and baking.
 I got a Kenwood mixer just before Christmas, a black one to match my kitchen but didn`t get any baking books till Christmas so I have been baking cakes and making pies by the truck load. Oh yeh I also bought myself a new cooker as my old one wouldn`t cook anything below 180 so if I wanted to do merigues I couldn`t so thought I might as well have a new cooker. Hope everyone survived the snow ok, it wasn`t too bad here except for one night when we had about 4 inches. I was working night shift when it came down and on my way home next morning I went to cross the road and ended up with snow up to my knees, didnt see the end of the path as the snow plough had been out. PMSL all the way home. Off to see my great nephew, nephew and his wife tomorrow, they are at my brothers house on holiday from New Zealand, can`t wait to see them and my grand kids, son and daughter in law will be there too so it will be nice to see them as well as I haven`t seen them for a couple of weeks. My life goes on hold when I am on night shift cos I always seem to sleep longer in the day.
Anyway better get on and upload my new set of cards. An assortment this time with new digi from
 A few Papermania Capsule Collection from ,
 girl and boy stamps from ,  Holly Hill Pond cd,
 and a couple cut on my Silhouette Cameo.
Please have a browse through, leave a comment and click on Follow Me on the right panel.
Till the next time, keep warm and look forward to the summer thats if we get one this year.
The1st card I have entered into the February Challenge on DM DELIGHTS Facebook Page


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Droxie said...

Hi busy lady, these are lovely.Hope you have a good day tomorrow.

Andrea xx