Friday, 25 April 2014

Tutorial for Debbi Moore Vintage Roses Bags & Boxes CD Jewellery Box

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I was asked for help on putting together the Jewellery Box on Debbi Moore`s Vintage Roses Bags & Boxes cd so I thought I would make a tutorial for it. As this is the 1st tutorial I have done bear with and I hope you can follow it ok.
So here goes:
 Choose which colour you want to make the box in then print 2 of the top and bottom templates on page 1 of the pdf. Cut out and place to one side.

 Next, print 4 sheets of page 2 which is the drawers, cut out and score on the dotted lines.
  Glue the tabs in place to form the boxes as below. Make a hole in one long side of the drawer to either put a brad through or a piece of ribbon to make the drawer pull.
 Next, print of 3 sheets of page 3, you only need 3 sheets as there is enough on each sheet to make 1 and a half wraps. Cut out and score on dotted lines then glue 2 strips together to make 1 long strip then glue the small tabs to form a rectangle like in the photo below. This is a formed wrap. Do the above for 3 more wraps.
 Once you have made the wraps you can slide the drawers into the wraps as per photo below.
 Place 1 of the templates on your work surface printed side up and position the wraps as shown below, you will find it better to have the drawers inside the wraps when doing this. When you have them centred on the template glue the bottom of the wrap and place in position.
 When the above is dry place the 2nd template print side down on your work surface and glue the top of the wraps and centre the drawers and bottom template on the top template. When that is dry turn over and it will look like the photo below but with the drawers in the wraps. Mine hasn't the drawers in the wraps as I haven't yet glued mine in position. Then go ahead and decorate to your hearts content.
Any questions PM me at

When I have glued all mine together and decorated it I will add the photo to the bottom of this tutorial.

Have now added a photo of the finished product below.

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