Sunday, 25 May 2014

Using Scratch Magic Card in Your Embossing folders

Hi there
Saw Leonie demoing this on Create & Craft with the E-Bosser and thought mmmmmmm good idea as I have a few of these sheets in my cupboard.
I have put this in Tutorials Tab above.

Cut a piece of the scratch magic card the size of your embossing folder
 Insert in your folder and run through your embossing machine
 Get your sandpaper block and gently rub off the black and depending what colour or colours your card is you get a lovely embossed pattern with a black background. I used holographic on this one.
 The one below is Translucent, its like acetate, shiny on one side and painted dull black on the other side. Do the same as above but gently sandpaper the dull side and this is what I got. This is the dull side
 and this is the shiny side. So when you have sandpapered the dull side turn it over and you have the colours showing through on the shiny side as well.


Tracey Boley said...

What a fab idea,didn't see this on C&C.

Now wondering were to get some scratch


Jeanette Jackson said...

Hi Tracey thanks for the comment, you should be able to get it at Hobbycraft or The Works or wherever they sell the childrens crafts. xx